MOVE – Libra

I have been in the industry for too long to witness its move from Desktop to web and extending its arms to Mobile platforms. Technology has transformed businesses so rapidly that they no longer spend and concerned about data storage or its security, they can simply put it on the cloud which has become safer and safer.
Similarly, Blockchain is waiting to make that transformation. You don’t even need to trust the source anymore, you don’t need to worry about data security or forgery. That’s why even an enterprise such as Facebook which dragged its feet slower on its Messaging system until it acquired WhatsApp, but now jumping into blockchain innovation.

MOVE is one such smart move from Facebook for its new cryptocurrency called Libra and move engineered it. Move’s programs cannot be copied, only movable to different locations. It has a Scalable architecture, since programmers don’t have to wait for entire software to update to include any new technologies etc unlike other blockchain native languages. Move also helps Libra with a protocol for security. It is easy to write Custom transactions logic.

MOVE has been written using RUST language. Libra has been created using RUST, which is one of the most on-demand language by programmers in the world today according to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey 2018. You don’t need to know RUST to work with Libra. You just need to install ‘rustup’ and ‘rust-toolchain’ and it will make your life easier. They have a library called ‘protoc’ which works as a compiler for protocol buffers and ‘Go’ for building protocol buffers.

It’s much easier to connect a validating node using MOVE, unlike Solidity in Ethereum which has complex logic and configurations which takes plenty of time for each node to be connected new to the network or to add any new wallet or new node. Unlike other blockchains, MOVE has functions such as ‘account list’ that helps you to get the addresses, hashes etc

Move has 3 major features which are programmable transactions enabled by transaction scripts, composable smart contracts as modules and it has first class resources. Unlike Ethereum’s solidity – transaction script is not stored in the global state. It is basically a single use program. Apart from that Move also helps us to define custom resource types. Thus, it ensure safety and security of digital assets. As I said earlier, Move resources cannot be duplicated, reused or discarded. It can only be moved to different locations.

Because of its advanced features MOVE is now making the waves in the industry. Since, its an open source platform, I am sure developers around the world would be much more interested to learn and enterprises would be interested in adapting it. Let’s wait and watch.

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