We are a technology centric company which is driven by the tenets of the best practices that govern the building of solutions for customer needs. We think design while understanding requirements, build testing into our development, security is incorporated by design and our agile development processes will ensure the best of the technology is delivered to you. Innovation is part of our DNA and we believe in delivering the same to our customers not as business but as our natural habit.

Blockchain Technology

We help your business or organisation to transform your applications into a distributed network to provide transparency and efficiency using leading blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Multichain etc. We built state of the art applications for various government agencies and enterprises based on unique set of use cases and our blockchain experience will help you plan, build and implement blockchain application according to your business needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Imagine a business that always stays ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires, and forecasts faster and more accurately than competitors. Reducing paperwork and manual process are key factors in the businesses today to eliminate error, delay and fraud. RapidQube brings you its wide range of expertise from Chatbot to Predictive Analysis to Intelligent Data Models which will empower your organisation with tools that will give your business an edge in the market.

Digital Experience

Smart phones and other digital gadgets changed people’s lifestyle today, digital presence has become not just merely a luxury but vital for your business and services. Our role is to design, build, and support the most creative digital experiences for leading global companies around the globe. We will also help you to take your product to the market starting from Market Research to Product Maintenance, we will be with you in every step of your product.

GovChain Framework

Govchain helps governments to enhance their operations in a transparent way and build a people-people network to ensure effective implementation of their plans, welfare schemes and processes. Govchain has been specifically designed to provide a scalable framework that can leverage government institutions to build various blockchain applications based on different use cases to address the challenges of different sectors.

Enterprise Applications

We build and enhance integrated software solution to provide business logic and tools to model your entire business operations, processes and data to improve productivity and efficiency. Our indepth industrial experience and technologies will ensure that your unique business requirements are met to increase revenue and minimize your cost.