We are curious and hungry to differentiate ourselves in our services. We look at problems and identify them as opportunities for us to act on. We have capabilities in Front-end, Middleware and Backend technologies inclusive of Infrastructure. We support our customers through the entire delivery cycle starting with planning till deployment and support beyond. We have trained college students to IAS offices and everyone in between.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

RapidQube has the capability to provide best-in-class solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) & visualization commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Our development team can transform any desktop view into a mobile view as required.

Infrastructure Management​

The ongoing digital disruptions across industries has given rise to a new, hybrid infrastructure approach to environments that requires significant expertise to sort out. Without a clear path, environments can become overly complex and not business focused.​​

Information Security Services​

RapidQube provides training services for selective educational institutions - both in India and North America - on all emerging technology topics including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Our sessions are very specifically geared for your requirement.


Are you someone who is fascinated by Emerging Technologies? RapidQube presents a comprehensive ACE Services bouquet on the Digital Transformation Journey.

We are delighted to launch our ACE Offerings that will cover hands-on training on Blockchain, AI and IoT  solutions. We are offering consultancy for business, application, & technologies and willing to keep flying towards greater heights.

If you wish to know more about this meticulously crafted journey of Training and Consulting, express your interest by writing us at

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We are a technology centric company which is driven by the tenets of the best practices that govern the building of solutions for customer needs. We think design while understanding requirements, build testing into our development, security is incorporated by design and our agile development processes will ensure the best of the technology is delivered to you. Innovation is part of our DNA and we believe in delivering the same to our customers not as business but as our natural habit.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a self-sustaining, peer-to-peer database technology for managing and recording transactions with no intermediaries involvement. Because blockchain verification is handled through algorithms and consensus among multiple computers, the system is presumed immune to tampering, fraud, or political control

AI & Machine Learning

Imagine a business that always stays ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires, and forecasts faster and more accurately than competitors. Reducing paperwork and manual process are key factors in the businesses today to eliminate error, delay and fraud. RapidQube brings you its wide range of expertise from Chatbot to Predictive Analysis to Intelligent Data Models which will empower your organisation with tools that will give your business an edge in the market.

Digital Experience

Smart phones and other digital gadgets changed people’s lifestyle today, digital presence has become not just merely a luxury but vital for your business and services. Our role is to design, build, and support the most creative digital experiences for leading global companies around the globe. We will also help you to take your product to the market starting from Market Research to Product Maintenance, we will be with you in every step of your product.

GovChain Framework

Govchain has been specifically designed to provide a scalable framework with enough flexibility which the various Government Institutions / Agencies can leverage to build various Secured Software Applications using BlockChain Technology for different use cases (set of very specific & highly classified requirements).

Enterprise Applications

We build and enhance integrated software solution to provide business logic and tools to model your entire business operations, processes and data to improve productivity and efficiency. Our indepth industrial experience and technologies will ensure that your unique business requirements are met to increase revenue and minimize your cost.


RapidQube is a technology-driven company and embraces Blockchain along with other new edge technologies. We always appreciate that Data is the essence of Industry. Technology helps the Industry to frame their ways & means and the path to the future. Speed of operation, the capability to capture data from all possible channels and analyze them in the light of business process, quick & seamless delivery of service to all-round customers on a larger platform, the pattern of energy usage where RapidQube would let the Industry identify the Best Fit Solution and effectively make IT the backbone of the Industry.

Public Sector

The Public Sector is a huge, complicated, and integral part of the economy. With the increased pace of technological adaption in day-to-day life, the government is taking major steps in building blocks and focusing on transparency, trust, and ease of processes. The government initiative encourages technology companies/start-ups to bring innovation & impactful solutions to complex problems to make digital forces visible.

Key Benefits:
• Seemless citizen experience
• Automation makes process    faster
• Eliminating primary    dependency on paper
• Efficient government


Healthcare traditionally addressed fragmented industry generates a vast amount of data in the form of diagnosis, treatment among others and medical records of individual are disconnected healthcare data across Hospitals and organizations. Due to data stored in siloed, centralized & individual servers healthcare needs rapid digitization, interoperability, distribution, connection, and ownership of health records to thrive and survive.

Key advantage:
• Transparency and data    availability
• Reduction in time-to-identify    people & health data
• Improved user experience
• Traceability and accountability    for a medical condition


The rapid process evolution of BFSI has pushed everyone to rethink, reimagine and reengineer many of the foundational aspects of traditional systems. When someone talk about BFSI, concepts like trust, value, privacy, and identity are all coming into question. Through the disruptive transition, the old school tedious, long, and rigid processes are getting replaced with instant, seamless & flexible steps for consumers helping Industry to shape up evaluation of technological landscape.

• Scalable backend operations
• Minimize reconciliation
• Automate accounting
• Eliminate fraud transactions

Manufacturing and Logistics

In the era of Digital World and various Industrial revolution, all aspect of the business is undergoing some major change. The Disruption demands new business model that enhances trust and transparency among all the stakeholders. New edge technologies are playing vital role to bring in belief and authenticity in Business where old tradition chains had single custodians and product stories were largely rudimentary without cross verification.

• Fast, trusted, and convenient    cross-value-chain data    sharing
• Instantly driven information
• A “single version of truth”
• A significant step towards    digitising trend


Is “go digital” is the new future of learning? Without a doubt Digital Education has attained a central role in the society both at national and global level as well. The significant change in the Education industry is happening before our eyes, now education is peer to peer and online everywhere on our planet. With the right quotient of technology, evolution will boost efficiencies, improve cost structure and eliminating fraud will bring student satisfaction.

Key values:
• The tamper-proof, immutable    information
• Reduces management time    and cost
• Reliable platform for    verification
• Easy accessibility


Digitization is becoming an important element that is disrupting every industry around the world. Legal Industry is also looking to revolutionize their operations to move away from siloed and inefficient centralized systems. Current systems are inherently insecure and costly, all lawyers are buried under the excessive paperwork. The manual processing of the legal documentation, it is vulnerable to the human error with technology shift we can make the legal documentation more accessible and transparent.

• Complete auditibility
• Easy dispute resolution
• Automate record keeping
• Disruptive business model



Ready Policy

ReadyPolicy helps reduce administrative costs through automated verification of claims/payments data from third parties. Now, insurance companies can quickly view past claims transactions registered on blockchain for easy reference. ReadyPolicy builds trust & transparency for insurance providers through verifiable transactions that increase visibility

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Certificate Attestation & Management

Certificates issued are immutable with verifier credential & timestamp which provides answer for right identity of the documents. Our Product provides seemless process & ensuring availability of government officials for making candidates journey simple and hassle free.

Smart Labour Safety Training

Rapidqube developed the application as a high-level training centre established as a collaboration between two government entities, to serve the various sectors for a Government in the Middle East, providing specialized training programs in the prevention and safety of workers within the private and public sectors. The application includes workers registry, booking, courses and training for workers about safety.

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Student Certificate Verification System

Student Certificate Verification System – The Application has been built as a Students certificate verification system by mapping citizens confidential data along with their academic certificates. Securely storing candidates e-Sevai certificates and data to the blockchain and securely storing candidate data required for the verification from e-Sevai to the blockchain so it can be used for the document verification process.

Electronic Health Record

Blockchain’s open access would enable changes to an individual’s EMR (new imaging, procedures, labs) to be updated in real time on an EMR blockchain and instantly available to parties involved in an individual’s care (health care providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, the patient’s family). Secured system on blockchain eliminates faxes and paper work efficiently.

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Advanced Directive

Empowers patients to take control of their medical care by providing directives to physicians in advance. Patient’s data is distributed across the permissioned blockchain network for easier access and sharing

Supplychain Management On Blockchain

Innovative technology helps resolve these issues by providing vital business information across the network, improving real-time data analysis, and enabling better collaboration across departments and companies. Our Product built using the combination of IoT, AI & Blockchain helps you to track, trace, analyze and monitor your goods and supplies throughout the supply chain network.



Professional Editing Tool

The application provides all the state-of-the-art, extensive features which are available in multiple writing tools, under one platform to facilitate writers, researchers and students and cut down their cost spending on different platform for multiple features.

Image Assessment & Management

The System has been built for field inspections/assessment which can be done either manually by field inspectors or by using drones or other IoT devices to take pictures and process the images for verification, validation and estimating the machines performance/properties/damages.


Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System – A New Integrated & Unified MES for the whole of the world’s largest aluminium smelter to handle complete Manufacturing & Process Cycle of Aluminium Production with an end-to-end traceability from customer order till delivery. Being completely ‘Modular for easy & seamless interfacing’ with as many numbers of Manufacturing Processes and Lines within the integrated system.

State Resident Wallet

State Resident Wallet ensures a safe and secure digital payment experience for the users. The user needs to enter a passcode (MPIN) every time he/she opens the wallet or makes any transaction.

Dubai based Real Estate

Property displays, sale and demonstration agent-wise and region-wise. This mobile application helps agents can display their properties region wise and other categories to their prospects. Customers would be able to have a short tour of the property in a visually entertaining way through this app

Open Pro Timecard

Timesheet Process flows automates and speeds up the time critical task of processing timesheets from receipt to payroll and eliminates time of the employees. This mobile app is flexible to allow for an employee to log his or her starting and finishing the task or daily activities.


Offchain smart contract

Smart Contracts should surpass their limitations and evolve to changing architectural standards that are needed for blockchains to scale significantly while retaining their decentralized principles.

Connected Health

Connected Health is an Internet based electronic application through which individuals can access, manage, share allows people to access and coordinate their lifelong health information their health information.

GDPR compliance using Blockchain

The regulation has provisions for individual control over one’s own data that includes many rights to the individual to manage personal data -access, consent, removal, portability and minimization.

Hybrid EV battery charging station

This whitepaper provides solution to software technological challenges and pain points by building hybrid charging stations & adapt or stay behind and suffer powered by IoT devices on a Blockchain platform.

IBM MERVA to FTM Migration Services

As part of the payment System evolution, IBM has announced the End of Life for MERVA for ESA
(referred as MERVA) and is implementing the new capabilities into Financial Transaction Manager for
SWIFT Services for z/OS (referred as FTM for SWIFT).

Blockchain for Payment Ecosystem

In this digital era, when many new technologies have been rushed to experiment something new, Blockchain proved itself to be the most effective one. Blockchain is the greatest innovation in this modern business world for making payment gateway more secure to the users.