Ready Policy

ReadyPolicy helps reduce administrative costs through automated verification of claims/payments data from third parties. Now, insurance companies can quickly view past claims transactions registered on blockchain for easy reference. ReadyPolicy builds trust & transparency for insurance providers through verifiable transactions that increase visibility

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Certificate Attestation & Management

Certificates issued are immutable with verifier credential & timestamp which provides answer for right identity of the documents. Our Product provides seemless process & ensuring availability of government officials for making candidates journey simple and hassle free.

Smart Labour Safety Training

Rapidqube developed the application as a high-level training centre established as a collaboration between two government entities, to serve the various sectors for a Government in the Middle East, providing specialized training programs in the prevention and safety of workers within the private and public sectors. The application includes workers registry, booking, courses and training for workers about safety.

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Student Certificate Verification System

Student Certificate Verification System – The Application has been built as a Students certificate verification system by mapping citizens confidential data along with their academic certificates. Securely storing candidates e-Sevai certificates and data to the blockchain and securely storing candidate data required for the verification from e-Sevai to the blockchain so it can be used for the document verification process.

Electronic Health Record

Blockchain’s open access would enable changes to an individual’s EMR (new imaging, procedures, labs) to be updated in real time on an EMR blockchain and instantly available to parties involved in an individual’s care (health care providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, the patient’s family). Secured system on blockchain eliminates faxes and paper work efficiently.

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Advanced Directive

Empowers patients to take control of their medical care by providing directives to physicians in advance. Patient’s data is distributed across the permissioned blockchain network for easier access and sharing

Supplychain Management On Blockchain

Innovative technology helps resolve these issues by providing vital business information across the network, improving real-time data analysis, and enabling better collaboration across departments and companies. Our Product built using the combination of IoT, AI & Blockchain helps you to track, trace, analyze and monitor your goods and supplies throughout the supply chain network.



Professional Editing Tool

The application provides all the state-of-the-art, extensive features which are available in multiple writing tools, under one platform to facilitate writers, researchers and students and cut down their cost spending on different platform for multiple features.

Image Assessment & Management

The System has been built for field inspections/assessment which can be done either manually by field inspectors or by using drones or other IoT devices to take pictures and process the images for verification, validation and estimating the machines performance/properties/damages.


Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System – A New Integrated & Unified MES for the whole of the world’s largest aluminium smelter to handle complete Manufacturing & Process Cycle of Aluminium Production with an end-to-end traceability from customer order till delivery. Being completely ‘Modular for easy & seamless interfacing’ with as many numbers of Manufacturing Processes and Lines within the integrated system.

State Resident Wallet

State Resident Wallet ensures a safe and secure digital payment experience for the users. The user needs to enter a passcode (MPIN) every time he/she opens the wallet or makes any transaction.

Dubai based Real Estate

Property displays, sale and demonstration agent-wise and region-wise. This mobile application helps agents can display their properties region wise and other categories to their prospects. Customers would be able to have a short tour of the property in a visually entertaining way through this app

Open Pro Timecard

Timesheet Process flows automates and speeds up the time critical task of processing timesheets from receipt to payroll and eliminates time of the employees. This mobile app is flexible to allow for an employee to log his or her starting and finishing the task or daily activities.