RapidQube is a technology-driven company and embraces Blockchain along with other new edge technologies. We always appreciate that Data is the essence of Industry. Technology helps the Industry to frame their ways & means and the path to the future. Speed of operation, the capability to capture data from all possible channels and analyze them in the light of business process, quick & seamless delivery of service to all-round customers on a larger platform, the pattern of energy usage where RapidQube would let the Industry identify the Best Fit Solution and effectively make IT the backbone of the Industry.

Public Sector

The Public Sector is a huge, complicated, and integral part of the economy. With the increased pace of technological adaption in day-to-day life, the government is taking major steps in building blocks and focusing on transparency, trust, and ease of processes. The government initiative encourages technology companies/start-ups to bring innovation & impactful solutions to complex problems to make digital forces visible.

Key Benefits:
• Seemless citizen experience
• Automation makes process    faster
• Eliminating primary    dependency on paper
• Efficient government


Healthcare traditionally addressed fragmented industry generates a vast amount of data in the form of diagnosis, treatment among others and medical records of individual are disconnected healthcare data across Hospitals and organizations. Due to data stored in siloed, centralized & individual servers healthcare needs rapid digitization, interoperability, distribution, connection, and ownership of health records to thrive and survive.

Key advantage:
• Transparency and data    availability
• Reduction in time-to-identify    people & health data
• Improved user experience
• Traceability and accountability    for a medical condition


The rapid process evolution of BFSI has pushed everyone to rethink, reimagine and reengineer many of the foundational aspects of traditional systems. When someone talk about BFSI, concepts like trust, value, privacy, and identity are all coming into question. Through the disruptive transition, the old school tedious, long, and rigid processes are getting replaced with instant, seamless & flexible steps for consumers helping Industry to shape up evaluation of technological landscape.

• Scalable backend operations
• Minimize reconciliation
• Automate accounting
• Eliminate fraud transactions

Manufacturing and Logistics

In the era of Digital World and various Industrial revolution, all aspect of the business is undergoing some major change. The Disruption demands new business model that enhances trust and transparency among all the stakeholders. New edge technologies are playing vital role to bring in belief and authenticity in Business where old tradition chains had single custodians and product stories were largely rudimentary without cross verification.

• Fast, trusted, and convenient    cross-value-chain data    sharing
• Instantly driven information
• A “single version of truth”
• A significant step towards    digitising trend


Is “go digital” is the new future of learning? Without a doubt Digital Education has attained a central role in the society both at national and global level as well. The significant change in the Education industry is happening before our eyes, now education is peer to peer and online everywhere on our planet. With the right quotient of technology, evolution will boost efficiencies, improve cost structure and eliminating fraud will bring student satisfaction.

Key values:
• The tamper-proof, immutable    information
• Reduces management time    and cost
• Reliable platform for    verification
• Easy accessibility


Digitization is becoming an important element that is disrupting every industry around the world. Legal Industry is also looking to revolutionize their operations to move away from siloed and inefficient centralized systems. Current systems are inherently insecure and costly, all lawyers are buried under the excessive paperwork. The manual processing of the legal documentation, it is vulnerable to the human error with technology shift we can make the legal documentation more accessible and transparent.

• Complete auditibility
• Easy dispute resolution
• Automate record keeping
• Disruptive business model