Blockchain in Health care

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That raises the question of how Blockchain can be a selling point to 5million users when the awareness about this emerging technology is just happening and more importantly, what is the USP of availing global health care services (or any other service) from a BlockChain application?

Is BlockChain going to be a mere data repository of live data with some high degree of security & protection or will it remain as a reference point only or would such Blockchain applications truly allow the user to do a real-time transaction wherein s/he can witness the process and all the stakeholders accord their concurrence & acceptance to the success of the transaction? These are questions that need to be answered for a wider adoption of Blockchain as a technology backbone in corporate applications.

So, from a corporate sector view of the adoption of Blockchain, the challenge is to convince the sector on the added layers of security the technology brings in and the suitability of adoption of Blockchain for specific areas of business which can not only add security but can help W in elevating the end user experience.

Here in India, the Central Government and most of the State Governments are promoting BlockChain Technology among various Govt establishments & departments but there seem to be a lack of awareness on the possibilities of this technology. The concern for them is that this technology is something very new, something which is not proven and validated internationally and have to show the credentials of being the securest way to store and access data. So, the need is for a clearer and transparent IT Strategy on adoption of Blockchain and educate the users on the benefits of the same.

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