2nd Wave of Covid – it’s a story of lack of Health Consciousness, lackadaisical attitude and unpreparedness. We allowed 44 Lakhs of Vaccine Unit to go completely waste and now we are cribbing over the menacing impact of Covid. To me, it is always a matter of big surprise that how could we have shortage of Oxygen where it is freely available Natural Resource (remember…it’s not Air only …we have water as well).

It is extremely frustrating to see that in the October – December Quarter, China has registered a GDP Growth of 18.3% and we are terrified now and thinking as if the Dooms Day has come and to me which is surely not the case. Business will continue to grow in every field as we will have to fill up the void very soon; however, at the same time I would expect the authority to be more pragmatic and should do something about the following:

  • Uniform Manufacturing & Import Licensing for Vaccines and Price Rationalization to establish uniformity across the country
  • We must allow completely free import of Medicines for Corona Treatment including Remdesivir Injections.
  • Political Backwardness must go and let’s have the Blessings of Israeli Medical Practice to fight the Terror of Covid for the entire Nation
  • The Covid Terror must end ASAP – so a Positive Political & Administrative Willingness must prevail all across

And as we belong to IT Fraternity, we must be clear about the following:

  • Our Strategy and our Focus to Customer Requirements
  • Understand the Market Need in the Right Perspective
  • Build enough strength to support the Market Dynamics.
  • There would be a Huge Growth in Data Analytics & AI as the Data would drive the Economy & Business
  • Quick Analysis of Data and its Support Mechanism would be extremely important
  • Strategy should have to be Realistic & Business Centric so that one can vie for Astronomical Growth afterwards

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