State Resident Wallet ensures a safe and secure digital payment experience for the users. The user needs to enter a passcode (MPIN) every time he/she opens the wallet or makes any transaction.

In addition, all transactions carried out using our Digital Wallet are done over secure bank networks and all communications between the wallet and banks are done over encrypted channels

Easy accessibility –Using a mobile wallet for day to day transactions is simple to begin with.  Downloading the app and creating a user ID and password is all you need to do here.  It is as simple as logging in to your Gmail or Facebook account from your smart phone.

Range of uses–  Starting from bill payments for DTH, post-paid, data card and broadband to buying air, bus or train tickets, you can use an e wallet for a variety of transactions. From paying at your local stores to paying for your utilities like gas, water and electricity, the reach of mobile wallets has gone far and wide.

Split bill facility– Being able to split expenses with friends is another big advantage. users can split their bills simply by entering the amount and the number of people who are expected to pay their share. These wallets will automatically generate a link which you can send to people who owe you money. 

Ensures timely payments– You can also make use of the auto pay facility to make future bill payments automatically, from your wallet balance on a pre-determined date.

Quick transfer of funds– Money wallets have made sending and receiving money quick and easy. And on the top of that, currently there are no transaction charges levied for transferring money anywhere, anytime, thus making it a preferable option.

Distributed Ledger – Distributed wallets are more protected against fraud and they serve large number of people and distribution is faster.