docT – Our Document interchange solution

docT is an innovative online platform designed to streamline information sharing among business partners or internally within departments of an organization. This platform supports different formats and transfer methods, allowing for efficient communication in various business contexts
By enabling this method of communication, docT facilitates the seamless transmission of information in a structured digital format.

This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and streamlining business processes. The platform is specifically designed to mitigate the costs and time associated with traditional transactions. docT also fosters the integration of internal systems with those of business associates, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors. docT transactions encompass a range of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices.

The standardized format defined by the docT standard ensures that these documents are easily understandable by both the sender and the recipient. Incorporating docT into business operations would be crucial for enterprises. This technology facilitates swifter and more accurate transaction processing, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Traditional process.

Traditional Work flow

  • Request for Document:
    • User initiates a request for a specific document by sending an email to the relevant department or individual.
    • The email includes details such as the type of document needed, any specific requirements, and the purpose of the request.
  • Prepare Document:
    • Upon receiving the request, the responsible party prepares the requested document.
    • If additional information is required, there may be a back-and-forth communication through email to clarify details.
  • Get Approval:
    • Once the document is prepared, it goes through an approval process if necessary.
    • Approvers receive the document via email, review it, and provide their approval or feedback through email correspondence.
  • Send the Document:
    • After approval, the finalized document is attached to an email.
    • The email includes a brief message confirming approval and any additional instructions.
    • The document is sent to the original requester or relevant parties involved in the process.
  • Confirmation and Feedback:
    • The requester receives the document and confirms its receipt.
    • Any additional feedback or follow-up communication regarding the document can be conducted through email.

Traditional way – Challenges

  • Iterative efforts: The creation of each document is customized for individual recipients.
  • Elevated reliance on human resources: The process is susceptible to disruptions due to the unavailability of human personnel, impacting the entire workflow.
  • Potential for human error: The likelihood of disseminating outdated or incorrect data is a notable concern.
  • Time-intensive: The process involves considerable time and effort due to waiting periods for approvals and the time-consuming nature of document preparation.

Customer connect process

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Customer connect contributes to a reduction in data entry errors, leading to improved overall data accuracy.
  • Accelerated Speed: One of the most significant advantages lies in the exponential increase in the speed of data interchange. As processes shift online, information transfer occurs at a much faster pace.
  • Enhanced Security: Adhering to established protocols and standard rules ensures the secure and safe transmission of crucial documents.
  • Information Precision: Standardized agreements between senders and receivers result in the accurate exchange of information, regardless of their origin.
  • Cost Efficiency: With minimal errors, swift response times, automation, and the elimination of paper usage, costs naturally decrease.

docT Workflow

User Registration and Authentication:

  • Users register on the platform, providing necessary information.
  • The system validates and authenticates users through secure mechanisms.

API Access and Credential Issuance:

  • Authenticated users request API access for data integration.
  • The system issues API credentials to approved users,

Document Sharing via Direct API Integration:

  • Users initiate document sharing through direct API integration.
  • The system verifies credentials and permissions.
  • Documents are transmitted securely between systems using the API.

Direct Interchange:

  • Users engage in direct interchange, in required format seamlessly.
  • The system ensures compatibility and compliance with standards during interchange.

Document Request to Provider:

  • Users submit document requests specifying their requirements.
  • The system captures details of the request and forwards it to the document provider.

Document Provider Response:

  • The document provider processes the request.
  • Upon completion, the provider shares the requested document through the established API or direct docT portal download.

Customer Feedback and Communication:

  • Users provide feedback, suggestions, or inquiries through the platform.
  • The system facilitates communication between users and providers for issue resolution or further clarification.

docT features:

1.User Registration and Authentication:

Facilitates the creation of user accounts, ensuring secure access through authentication mechanisms.

2.Document Request Management:

Empowers users to articulate their specific document requirements, capturing essential details for efficient request processing.

3.Flexible Document Download Options:

Enables users to download modified documents in a variety of formats (e.g., PDF, CSV, text), offering a personalized and convenient experience.

4.API Access for Data Integration:

Provides users with API credentials, allowing seamless access to data retrieval and integration capabilities. Comprehensive documentation is available for straightforward usage.

5.Customer Connect and Feedback:

Establishes a channel for users to communicate feedback, suggestions, or inquiries. This feature enhances customer engagement and ensures a responsive system.

In summary, DocT has been tailored and deployed to meet the specific needs of our manufacturing client in alignment with their unique business processes. Currently, we are in the stages of preparing its availability on the AWS Marketplace. The product will showcase cutting-edge technological features, including advanced capabilities like generative AI.