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MOVE - Libra

I have been in the industry for too long to witness its move from Desktop to web and extending its arms to Mobile platforms. Technology has transformed businesses so rapidly that they no longer spend and concerned about data storage or its security, they can simply put it on the cloud which has become safer and safer.


Changing the world with Blockchain.

Ever since Bitcoin, the world of cryptocurrency had grown rapidly. Investors particularly from financial background shown immense interest in creating new cryptocurrencies and launching ICO. For a period of time, almost every single day there was at least one ICO launch in the market. Open source blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, NEM etc helped these investors to launch ICOs without any hassle.


Blockchain Technology in 2018.

We regularly collaborate with them to better understand how we can help organizations across industries adapt to the digital shift through robust use of analytics, rapid solution product development, and reduced time-to-market and total cost of ownership.


Blockchain in Health care.

That raises the question of how Blockchain can be a selling point to 5million users when the awareness about this emerging technology is just happening and more importantly, what is the USP of availing global health care services (or any other service) from a BlockChain application?


News Section

  • Rapidqube ISO 9001 Certification

    Continuous improvement is part of our DNA and our commitment to focus on quality is proven again by being assessed for ISO 9001 status.

  • TN Government Blockchain Policy

    Thanks for inviting us to be part of the discussion on Tamil Nadu government’s Blockchain policy. With excellent exchange of ideas , we are excited to do our bit for the technological advancement of the state.

  • Goverment of Manipur Blockchain training

    RapidQube Digital Solutions is honored to be part of the AI & IOT training done for the Manipur Government officials at Delhi from 24-26 July, 2019

  • Dun and Bradstreet-CXO meet-2019

    RapidQube's Chief Technology Officer Muthu Prakash Ravindran PMP, CSM will be part of the CXO round table for "Impact if AI on customer engagment", hosted by Dun & Bradstreet India at @Radisson Blu, Chennai on 15 March, 2019

Rapidqube's HUMA

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 1 release

    Healthcare data security is due for a long-needed update. With patients receiving the wrong brain surgery and hospitals’ data infrastructures being hacked globally, this sector is in need of a serious technological update.

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 2 release

    Impact Blockchain - a LATTICE80’s initiative to use blockchain platform to achieve UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals “to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.”

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 3 release

    Leading technology company Sagewise has announced its strategy to release Blokusign,a blockchain-powered application for digital signatures.

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 4 release

    Walmart says it now has a better system for pinpointing the batches of leafy green vegetables that might be contaminated.

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 5 release

    OATH is a level 2 protocol that enables fair, robust, and transparent disputere solution and governance on the blockchain.

  • Huma September-2018 Volume 1-Issue 6 release

    This partnership would enable banks to easily access and deploy Finacle’s blockchain solutions on Corda, R3’s open-source blockchain platform, said Infosys Finacle in a statement.

  • Huma November-2018 release

    British banking major HSBC has executed a trade finance transaction involving an export by Reliance Industries (RIL) toan American client using blockchain, which massively reduced the timetaken for processing the documents.