November - 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 7
From the Leader's Desk
RamC Ramakrishnan
Solution Specialist
Hi Team
Hope you all had a good Diwali last week. It’s a great pleasure to address all
RapidQubers through this newsletter.
Art of Coding
You've probably heard of "Art of Living", but art of coding? Steve Jobs once said,
“Computer Science is a Liberal art”. Can coding be considered an art? Why not? We
are now at a point where programming is an integral part of many people’s jobs.
How do professional developers do it efficiently and differently from the rest?
Software development is to solve someone else’s problems and make their lives
easier. Observe your surroundings., on the way to work and on the way back home.
You will get multiple ideas about how to solve your client’s problems and
implement your code better with richer user experiences.
As our organisation embarks on “Agile methodology” for our development projects,
team members will be brainstorming potential solutions with our business
partners. A holistic perspective by our application developers will bring higher
dividends in our company's growth path.
Happy Coding!
Around the World
NEM provides information and technical support to Fund Ashana
Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the cultural and
charitable foundation Fund Ashana and NEM. Within this framework,
the foundation aims to find additional ways to raise funds for sick children
in Abkhazia. Digital currencies and blockchain technology provide new
opportunities for the development of the charity industry. Support of
cryptocurrencies will provide more opportunities for Fund Ashana to attract resources
that will help to continue their work in many countries across the world.
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HSBC executes India's first blockchain pay
In a first for India, British banking major HSBC has executed a trade
finance transaction involvingan export by Reliance Industries (RIL) to
an American client using blockchain, which massively reduced the time
taken for processing the documents
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Commodities Firms Complete Blockchain Pilot for Black Sea Wheat
Swiss-based Transoil International and Solaris Commodities have conducted a
blockchain pilot transaction of Black Sea wheat, S&P Global reports Nov. 12. Both
companies are involved in the trading of international agricultural commodities like
milling wheat, vegetable oil and flour.
The two firms completed the pilot using the blockchain-based agri-commodities
trading and financing platform of Swiss startup Cerealia.
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What is Brewing?
NASSCOM is trying to create am overall awareness for their NISC - NASSCOM INTERNATIONAL SME
CONCLAVE to be held in Kolkata on 10th & 11th January 2019 among the SMEs across the Country.
NASSCOM was just the host and the Session was convened, addressed and deliberated upon by PwC and the
Presenters were Nirav Shah, Partner and Sunita Agarwal, Director.
The whole session was aimed at addressing the Business& Technology Paradigms of New Technologies such
as AI, iOT and BlockChain and how the SMEs should change their way of thinking and embrace the New
Technology in their processes and operations for ensuring& achieving Higher Growth.
The PwC Presentation turned out to be a platform to share some very valid & pertinent Pointers over
BlockChain Technology and as a result of those interactions Nirav invited me to talk about BlockChain and
share our experience among the audience and how it can probably bring an era of change in their overall
growth prospect.
As part of Rapidqube Mr.Partha Bag, spoke for around 20 minutes about the Company's Mission, Technical
Competence & Capability, Achievements and Future Plans.We have created a wonderful impact, thanks to
Bag ji, the 3 Top Guys from 3 Mid-sized SMEs have expressed their keen desire to understand and explore
BlockChain on a priority. (BTW the interfacing has already begun, and the meetings are likely to happen in
the coming weeks...all for specific business opportunities...)
at Mumbai
at Chennai
Bahirathy &
Our Column
Hyperledger Cello (HLC) is a blockchain provision and operation
system, which helps people use and manage blockchains in a more
efficient way. Based on advanced blockchain technologies and
modern PaaS tools,
Cello provides the following major features:
Manage the lifecycle of blockchain networks, e.g create/start/stop/delete/
Support customized blockchain network config, e.g., network size, consensus type.
Support multiple underly infrastructure including bare-metal, virtual machine,
vSphere, native Docker host, swarm and kubernetes. More supports on the way.
Extends with advanced features like monitoring, logging, health and analytics
capability by integrating with existing tools like Elastic stack.
Using Cello, blockchain developers can:
Build up a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
platform quickly from scratch. Provision
customizable Blockchains instantly,
e.g., a Hyperledger fabric v1.x network.
Check the system status and manage chains,
upload smart contract and test... through
dashboards.Maintain a pool of running
blockchain networks on top of bare-metals,
virtual clouds (e.g., virtual machines,
vsphere Clouds), container clusters
Blockchain Events
Blockchain Summit Pune 2018 - 14-Nov-18 - Pune
by Bahirathy
World AI Show - 22-Nov-18 - Mumbai
Associate Digital Engineer
TiE Global Summit III - 29-Nov-18 - Delhi
India FinTech Awards 2018 By India FinTech
30 - Nov-18Mumbai
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