September - 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 5
From the Leader's Desk
Vikram Viswanathan
Blast from the past to ensure the right future.
Many a times we get a little disappointed or sad or
irritated when things don't go our way.
Let me start with this quote by Maya Angelou
(American poet) - "I've learned that people will forget
Lift not working...ergh...I need to climb up
what you said, people will forget what you did, but
people will never forget how you made them feel."
Lift taking too much time...someone keeps pressing the
buttons...as if it's going to come faster
Just like the Blockchain technology has 5 tenets to
describe itself (viz. Distributed Ledger, Transparency,
Too much traffic...ergh…we would be late
P2P transmission, Immutability, Smart Contracts), every
member in a team should be having the following traits
That guy always questions me...why me
Respect - Respect your team members by not
Now Think it in a DIFFERENT way
encroaching on their personal time by asking them to
work late, on weekends or interrupting them while they
Lift not working...chance for us to stretch our legs and
are on vacation.
climb stairs...some exercise
Autonomy - Trust your team members/co-workers
completely in whatever work they are doing when
Lift taking too much time...interact with folks
entrusted to them. It's not right to micromanage them,
around...have a conversation
but instead provide the required guidance and support.
Too much traffic...make the best of it...listen to
Empathy - Show that you sincerely care about your co-
music...read something if you are not driving
workers well-being. Talk to them once in a while
enquiring about their well-being. They want to be
Too many questions being asked...probably you are the
treated as human beings. They have feelings, emotions
go to person
and personal lives.
Not getting a task...upgrade
Appreciation - Give due credit for any contribution done
yourself...learn...volunteer...it might just add a value in
by your co-worker/team member.
Taking credit for the work done by them or not
recognizing their contributions is a sure way to
Sometimes you just need to flip the Perspective and
lose points with your team.
suddenly it just changes everything.
Growth and Development - Always share knowledge
Agree? Always feed your focus to achieve your life goals.
that you've gained in your research. This will only
Let your distractions starve.
double your brownie points amongst your team
Let me end with this beautiful quote by Richard
Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) - "Train people well
We leaders @ RapidQube truly believe in these traits
enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so
and nurture many to follow suit. One should also think
they don't want to"
and be POSITIVE. Let me illustrate this better (I read an
article somewhere online)
NEM just partnered up with OATH Protocol
OATH is a level 2 protocol that enables fair, robust, and transparent dispute
resolution and governance on the blockchain.
"OATH protocol provides the most important and missing link in blockchain
security — dispute resolution and governance mechanism — that is crucial to
our chain. We are committed to the management of smart asset allocation on
the blockchain, and its use symbolizes full fairness and equality. The decentralized
reward mechanism provides a safe and easy-to-use solution and application portal for
peer-to-peer payments. On our chain, OATH will serve as a backbone to provide fair and
efficient dispute resolution. We are excited about and look forward to our cooperation.” -
Flora Fang, Leader NEM Taiwan
Click here to know more - https://nemflash.io/nem-partnered-oath-protocol/
New blockchain-based Komgo platform set
to transform commodity trading
Global banks, along with international trading companies, have recently
announced the first blockchain-based platform, called Komgo, that will
allow financing for trading of commodities ranging from oil to wheat.
The platform, which will be developed in partnership with blockchain technology
company ConsenSys, will go live later in 2018, and will be run by Switzerland-based Komgo
SA, whose founders include ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, Citi, Crédit Agricole Group, Gunvor,
ING, Koch Supply & Trading, Macquarie, Mercuria, MUFG Bank, Natixis, Rabobank, Shell, SGS
and Societe Generale.
Click here to know more - https://www.blockchaintechnology-news.com/2018/09/26/new-
RapidQube Newbies
Prasanna Devarul joined us on the 8th of October as Solution Architech. He
holds a masters degree in computer applications and over 13 years of
experience in IT industry.
Welcome Prasanna to RapidQube and we all are looking forward to
working with you
Hyperledger And Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Join Forces In Enterprise Blockchain Boost
Hyperledger, the umbrella project for open source distributed ledger
technology frameworks such as Fabric and Sawtooth, and EEA - a
standards body promoting the adoption of Ethereum by businesses,
have respectively joined one another’s organization, with the shared
goal of driving mass adoption of blockchain among companies and
fostering greater collaboration across the two communities.
Click here to know more
Rapid Challenge
Exactly five-time steps starting with this:
Above, we had a symmetric distribution
Initial allocation
among sites, but such a condition may
A: 1; B: 2; C: 3; D: 4; E: 5
not always be the case. Say if two other
A 1 → B
sites F & G are included..
B 2 → C
i.e., A: 1; B: 2; C: 3; D: 4; E: 5, F: 1; G: 3
C 3 → D
Can you continue to evaluate What is the
D 4 → E
smallest number of time steps needed to
E 5 → A
ensure all seven sites acquire all five
A: 1,5; B: 2,1; C: 3,2; D: 4,3; E: 5,4;
A 5 → B
B 1 → C
Congratulations to Jagadeesh, Chanchal
C 2 → D
and Kavitha for successfully completing
D 3 → E
the challenge... As promised your reward
E 4 → A
tokens are reserved.
A: 1,5,4; B: 2,1,5; C: 3,2,1; D: 4,3,2; E: 5,4,3
and so on.
You would get to know more on rewards
program soon...
What is Brewing?
Campus Drive at Vishwaniketan's Institute
It was a Campus Recruitment Initiative by RapidQube Digital Solutions for
the upcoming Engineering & Management Institute at Khalapur, Raigad
District (on Mumbai Pune Express Way), Vishwaniketan's Institute of Management
Entrepreneurship & Engineering Technology [iMEET], affiliated to University
of Mumbai & approved by AICTE, Delhi over two days in the 2nd week of October.
It's situated on the laps of Western Ghats and blessed with lovely Nature.
The RapidQube Team comprised of P S Bag and Manisha Kasbe. 95 Candidates had
undertaken the Written Test from Electronics & Tele Communication and Computer
Science Branch of Engineering and 45 of them had cleared the written test. These 45
Budding Engineers were interviewed for preliminary level of Technical and other
Attitudinal Level of Competence and finally 25 out of these 45 made it to the Final List
where they would be screened for their true Technical Competence & Skill which will
givem them the privilege to make their way thru' to RapidQube.
It was a wonderful experience of being over there and the iMEET Management was truly
very cordial with their bouquet of kind and heartfelt hospitality in every sense. It will
indeed be very difficult for us to forget those immaculate arrangement and impeccable
Blockchain Events
25th Oct 2018 - PaisaBazaar Fintegrate Zone 2019 | Mumbai
Roadshow - Mumbai
27th October 2018 - ShaastraX, IIT Madras - Mumbai
27 & 28 Oct 2018 - Blockchain & AI Hackathon - Devmerge
by Sahaj Software Solutions & TiE Chennai - Chennai
Please send in your feedback to huma@rapidqube.com
Address: Office No.415, Fourth Floor, The Corporate Center Phase I, Nirmal Lifestyle,
L B.S Marg, Mulund(West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080 - Phone: 022 2567 3235