September - 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 4
From the Leader's Desk
Rewriting the code,
Ever thought why “Rich get richer and poor get poorer” ? , When you are growing as a kid
your future is framed by your environment - parents, friends and society. Sigmund Freud
defines it as id, ego and super ego. For instance, consider how children are raised in different
communities?, we all grown up with thousands of RULES imposed on us, for example, “Our
country is the greatest one”, “Our religion is the true religion”, “You should know your limits”,
“this is so wrong”, "your father is not a millionaire”, etc.
Apparently you are programmed to behave in that framework, When your Job demands to
be a public speaker, you startle, words won’t come out because you’ve always been
appreciated for being a silent boy. Eventually you tend to self-satisfy your ego and believe
that this is what I am capable of. Like Pareto’s rule, 80% of your life is decided in your first
20% of years. So when you are trying to do something which is something you are not
programmed for, you struggle to handle, most likely to become stressful and depressing.
Reason - your firmware does not support this software update. You are not designed to do
this JOB.
Obviously it is going to be hard, but still you have the capability to rewrite the program.
How? by living through that stress, So next time when you feel stress full, remember you are
rewriting that program. You will eventually able to deploy it successfully, just keep doing it.
“Programs are meant to be updated, the sooner the better”.
I would like to end with a quote from TT Rangarajan
What is in a day?? - The potential to make a new beginning ..!
Umashankar Somasekar
Head of Development and Competency
Walmart's Farm to Store Project
Walmart says it now has a better system for pinpointing the batches of leafy green
vegetables that might be contaminated. After a two-year pilot project, the retailer
announced on Monday that it would be using a blockchain, to keep track of every
bag of spinach and head of lettuce.
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Blockchain PoC for Supply chain built on
the NEM Blockchain.
A POC has been build on NEM platform to track movement of goods
on Cargo.
Here is a summary
A NEM account is generated for each parcel. A transaction payload
message is used to store key data including: order id, delivery location,
link to documents stored on IPFS. The solution utilizes NEM
multi-signature accounts that requires N out of M confirmations to initiate
certain transactions. NEM mosaics are used as confirmation tokens.
Aggregated bonded transactions enable bonded transactions that would
require signatures of all parties for a transaction to happen.
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Rapid Challenge
The Rapid Challenge posted
in our last edition is still
Open. Do Hurry and post
your answers.
What is Brewing?
SmartCity Expo India at Jaipur
We had our presence at the SmartCity Expo India Event at Jaipur between 26th
and 28th of September 2018. There were lots of footfall to our stall and some of
the key visitors included Mr.Anil Saboo of CII, Mr. Kalpesh Mathur of SkyMap
Global, Mr.RP Shankaran from Acetech Machinery Component, Chennai. Our
blockchain capability grabbed the attention of many clients who are involved in
SmartCity projects, to name a few Mr.Dikshit,
CII has extended their support to us and we have been invited to
the expo at Mumbai
Hartford InsurTech
Hartford InsurTech is a world wide prestigious program
run by a consortium
of Insurance companies to identify and recognize
promising Insurance startups
that attracted more than 4000 participants.
RapidQube was represented by Raghunadh Vaddadi
and Muthuprakash Ravindran at the the Indian
Chapter of the event that happened at Mumbai
on the 20th of September to demo our Insurance
Policy Issuance Prototype.
The presentation was received well by the audiance.
Blockchain Events
My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe
there is a core from which we obtain
knowledge, strength and inspiration.
― Nikola Tesla
5th NASSCOM technology conference
RapidQube represented by Mohanraj PB,
Umashankar and Muthuprakash participated
in the TechQuest quiz on the 26th September,
2018 which was part of the 5th Annual
NASSCOM Technology conference.
Kudos to the team for finishing in the top 15
among 80 participants.
India Fintech Day by NASSCOM
The 3rd edtion of India Fintech Day was
organised by NASSCOM on 27th of
September at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.
Sweta and Chanchal represented
RapidQube at the event
Mr.Sadiq Ali of Eterna Services
visited our Chennai office.
He is one of our esteemed
Please send in your feedback to huma@rapidqube.com
Address: Office No.415, Fourth Floor, The Corporate Center Phase I, Nirmal Lifestyle,
L B.S Marg, Mulund(West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080 - Phone: 022 2567 3235