September - 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 3
From the Leader's Desk
Mohan - Chief Digital Strategist
Dear team
Dear Fellows,
It is a pleasure to be able to reach out to all you through thisguarantee
newsletter. I wanted to give an update on some of the things f value.
you’ve discussed with me in meetings and in person. ecentralization,
provenance, and immutability play a vital role in limiting undue online
surveillance, censThe primary update I’ve is that we have nowry much
prominent in socdecided to make the entire stash of the trainingndling
of data. This techvideos accessible to everyone. Expect a separate d
leapfrog infrastrumail on that.n enable solutions that previously weren’t
thought to be possible.
I will also be scheduling a Town Hall in October to engage allhain
of you again.that impact social life are around Health followed
As an employee centric organisation, we take pride in running
an open and transparent business and would love to hear risk
from all of you on a regular basis.efficiency.
Carbon footprint, Swachh Bharat etc., are some of the novel ideas incubated at
RapidQube that helps to build a better society with socially responsible citizens
Keep talking
guaranteeing the protection of individual privacy, opinions, and remarks.
The current issue highlights some of the recent happeMuthuprakash Rain
world that thrives on bringing in social goodness to residents
“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
― Steve Jobs
First Gmail-Integrated Blockchain-Powered
Electronic Signature Tool to be Launched
Leading technology company Sagewise has announced its strategy to release Blokusign,
a blockchain-powered application for digital signatures. The product fuses electronic
signature technology, which has become the new definitive in documentation due to its
simplicity, with the benefits of the distributed ledger. Blokusign is the first-ever tool like
this to integrate directly into Gmail as an add-on application
Click here to Explore: https://blokusign.com/
Blockchain Data for Analysis: Google imports
Ethereum blockchain for BigQuery Analysis
Google has announced a daily import of the Ethereum blockchain into its BigQuery
service that will allow its users to conduct analysis.As an example of the sort of query
that can be conducted on the dataset, Google showed that the most transacted smart
contract was for the CryptoKitty game, which has been used over 2.3 million times.The
search giant said conducting analysis on the Ethereum blockchain will allow for better
business decision-making, as well as knowing when Ethereum itself may need an upgrade
Read the news at: https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-importing-ethereum-blockchain-
Read more of this on: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/ethereum-
RapidQube Newbies
Full Name : Umar Farooque
Note x and y may or may
not be the same.
Date of Joining: 03-Sep-2018
Designation: Technical Architect.
Multi-signature technology ensures
protection: NEM Reassures Asset Holders
after Zaif Exchange Security Incident
While NEM is traded on Zaif, only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and MonaCoin (MONA)
holdings were stolen in this hack. No known NEM holdings are believed to be affected at
this time. NEM also incorporates multi-signature technology that makes it harder for the
NEM cryptocurrency and blockchain to be compromised by rogue hackers.
You could read more here:
Rapid Challenge
A new consensus mechanism utilizes a satellite network call it
the “Primary.” Users sign their transactions and send them to
satellites that bounce them to the Primary, which collects all the
transactions received during some time period, say, one second,
into a block, signs the block with its private key, and includes the
hash of that block and the hash of the previous block. The Primary
then sends the block, possibly partitioned into packets, to many sites on Earth.
Suppose the flood of data is too much for some sites, with each site able to take
only one packet of the block. The sites then exchange information with other sites
to reconstruct the whole block.
Suppose each of five sites receives one of the five packets of a block, as shown in
this “map” of initial allocations: A: 1; B: 2; C: 3; D: 4; E: 5 How many time steps, each
having duration of, say, 0.01 seconds, will it take for all sites to collect all five
packets in the block? In one time step, one site s1 is able to send one packet to
another site x and receive one packet from another site y. Note x and y may or may
not be the same.
The best solution will be rewarded 20 tokens from RapidQube Team. Post your
answes to HUMA@Rapidqube.com
The Ganesh Aarti at Rapidqube Mumbai office
Please send in your feedback to huma@rapidqube.com
Address: Office No.415, Fourth Floor, The Corporate Center Phase I, Nirmal Lifestyle,
L B.S Marg, Mulund(West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080 - Phone: 022 2567 3235