Blockchain for Social Cause
September - 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 2
From the Leader's Desk
Mohan - Chief Digital Strateg
Dear Fellows,
The critical a,
spect of every solution for a social change is to guarantee
the protection of individuals privacy and lawful distribution of value.e
The core operating principles of blockchain such as decentralization,
provenance, and immutability play a vital role in limiting undue onli,
surveillance, censorship and human rights abuses that are very muche
prominent in society due to the uncontrolled and illegitimate handling
of data. This technology has the potential to transform systems andling
leapfrog infrastructure and can enable solutions that previously weren’t
thought to be possible.and can enable solutions that previously weren’t
As per a study conduct.
ed by Stanford, the majority of blockchain
applications that impact social life are around Health followed in
by Financial inclusion and Government / Public services. Andd
these usecases primarily provide benefits around reduced risk
and fraud and improved process efficiency.round reduced risk
Carbon footprint, Swachh Bharat etc., are some of the novel ideas incubated at
RapidQube that helps to build a better society with socially responsible citizens
guaranteeing the protection of individual privacy, opinions, and remarks.itizens
The current issue highlights some of the recent happenings in the blockchain
world that thrives on bringing in social goodness to residentsn the blockchain
of planet earth!es on bringing in social goodness to residents
of planet earth!
Chief Digital Strategist
The Chain of Change - Impact Blockchain to Break the
Chains of Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change
Impact Blockchain - a LATTICE80’s initiative to
use blockchain platform to achieve UN’s 17
Sustainable Development Goals “to end all
forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle
climate change, while ensuring that no one is
left behind.”
Now use Blockchain to track your Trees
New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to
geo-tag each of the 10,000 saplings it is going to plant during its
special plantative drive on Saturday. The civic body will undertake
the plants’ GIS mapping and let people give feedback on their
progress through 'blockchain' technology
Read more at:
Working with SmartFilters in Multichain 2.0
A Smart Filter is a piece of code which is embedded in the blockchain, and
which allows custom rules to be defined regarding the validity of
transactions or data. Smart Filters are written in JavaScript and run within a
deterministic version of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which is embedded
directly within MultiChain 2.0 alpha 5+. This is the same JavaScript engine
used in Chrome, Node.js and many other platforms. It offers excellent
performance by compiling JavaScript to machine code and continuing to
optimizing that code as it runs.
Blockchain Records Will now be
Accepted as Legal Evidence,
China’s Supreme Court Rules
“Internet courts shall recognize digital data that are submitted as evidence
if relevant parties collected and stored these data via blockchain with
digital signatures, reliable timestamps and hash value verification or via a
digital deposition platform, and can prove the authenticity of such
technology used.” Announced Supreme People's Court in China
Blockchain Events
We are eager to hear your
innovative ideas that
Move Summit'18 By NITI
could drive social
Aayog 07-Sep-18
change using blockchain
Please write to us on
4th Information Technology
Conference! 11-Sep-18
AWARDS 2018-19
17-Sep-18 Great Bretain
“Creativity is just
connecting things.”
India Blockchain Week
― Steve Jobs
Futuristic Financial Intelligence
Summit 2018 28-Sep-18
RapidQube at NSE
RapidQube participated in the NSE Hackathon on Blockchain in Capital Markets. Team
was battling 200+ participants from over 35 teams, built a solution for Tokenization in
Equity trading.
Team got judge's special mention and made mark in the space of Hackathon Organizers.
Judges appreciated our presentation and got clear understanding of our choice of use-
case. It was truly encouraging and educative event which gave us confidence that we
surly have that competence to face the new challenges from the industry.
A moment's insight is worth a life's experience is what the team felt and had a
great time @ NSEFuturetechhackathon2018
Team : RapidQube
Use-case : Stocks on Blocks
Participants : Sweta, Khetesh, Naresh, Chanchal & Suraj
Please send in your feedback to huma@rapidqube.com
Address: Office No.415, Fourth Floor, The Corporate Center Phase I, Nirmal Lifestyle, L
B.S Marg, Mulund(West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080 - Phone: 022 2567 3235