September 2018
Volume 1 - Issue 1
From the Leader's Desk
Raghunadh Vaddadi
Dear Colleagues,
I am delighted to introduce this first edition of the HUMA newsletter. We
intend to make it a regular publication and to use it to keep you in touch
with news and developments of Digital disruptions within RapidQube
and around the world.
We had a rather eventful year in 2018, To name a few..
Our pursuits in Gov tech are showing promise and active discussions
with Governments of Andhra, Bihar, UP, Assam and west Bengal
Middle east pursuits in collaboration with Riyadh based SI
International Consulting proposals to Govt of Mauritius
Whilst the majority of the material in this newsletter is inevitably from the
BlockChain space, we are keen to respond to the interests of our readers
and look forward to your feedback and comments on this first edition
using the contact address at huma@rapidqube.com.
Finally may I thank all of you who contribute to HUMA activity and to its
How IoT & NEM will revolutionize Healthcare - IoT
& blockchain Use Case
Healthcare data security is due for a long-needed update. With patients
receiving the wrong brain surgery and hospitals’ data infrastructures being
hacked globally, this sector is in need of a serious
technological update. Highly sensitive information such
as patient lab records or patient vitals data can be
compromised by data breaches.
These data security issues plague healthcare providers,
health insurance companies, and patients. Blockchain
technology can act as a secure reservoir for all healthcare data that feeds all the
participants of the healthcare system. The blockchain can secure patients’ lab
records, biometrics, insurance claims, and fitness data.
Are Hashes Pre-Image Resistant?
It is infeasible(not impossible) to determind A given H(A)
Suppose you are rolling a dice and the output is the hash of the
number that comes up from the dice.
How will you be able to determine what the original number was?
With only six distinct values since hash functions are deterministic,
the hash of a particular input will always be the same, so you can
simply compare the hashes and find out the original input.
What happens when you have a huge amount of data? Suppose you
are dealing with a 128-bit hash. The only method that you have to
find the original input is by using the “brute-force method”.
Brute-force method basically means that you have to pick up a
random input, hash it and then compare the output with the target
hash and repeat until you find a match.
So, what will happen if you use this method?
Best case scenario: You get your answer on the first try itself. Worst
case scenario: You get your answer after 2^128 - 1 times. Average
scenario: You will find it somewhere in the middle so basically after
2^128/2 = 2^127 times. To put that into perspective, 2^127 = 1.7 X
10^38. If you need something to kill time
Neon Exchange (NEX) - First
Indian State
Regulated Exchange Security
Government Will Issue
Token in Europe - Announces ICO
Birth Certificates on a
Liechtenstein-based decentralized cryptocurrency
exchange Neon Exchange (NEX), has announced
Bankura Municipal Corporation and
the times and dates of its token sale beginning
Durgapur Municipal Corporation will
September 3rd. Off the back of the exciting news
be using blockchain tech to handle
about regulatory approval from the Financial Market
administrative operations such as
Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein, it is officially the first
processing requests and verifying
regulated exchange security token in Europe and one
legal identities to make processes
of the first and few regulated securities in the world.
like applications for legal
documents such as birth certificates
more streamlined.substances
Blockchain Events
Artificial Intelligence System
Move Summit'18 By NITI
Writes and Directs Sci-Fi Film
Aayog 07-Sep-18
Starring Thomas Middleditch
4th Information Technology
Many people joke that robots will take over
Conference! 11-Sep-18
the workforce, replacing everyone from factory
workers to waitresses. But what about actors?
Thomas Middleditch (“Silicon Valley”) has
AWARDS 2018-19
proved that this is a definite possibility in his
17-Sep-18 Great Bretain
latest sci-fi film project that utilizes artificial
India Blockchain Week
intelligence (AI) technology.
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Futuristic Financial Intelligence
Summit 2018 28-Sep-18
Hyperledger September Meetup
Saturday, September 8, 2018
Blockchain Saturday, September
8&9 2018 Chennai
Do you know?
During world war II, certain crystalline substances were
discovered, such as germanium and silicon, that possess
unique electrical properties that make them excellent
signal detectors.This marked the evolution of new
industry... What are they substances called?
RapidQube Newbies
Full Name : Shubhi Tarans
DOB: 01/02/1991
Hobbies : Playing, Dancing & Reading Novels.
Full Name : Suraj Prakash Chaudhary
DOB: 27/03/1993
Hobbies : Travelling, Experimenting new things,
Cooking, listening music.
Full Name : Chanchal Pareek
DOB: 13/10/1995
Hobbies : Poetry, Reading.
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