Govchain has been specifically designed to provide a scalable framework with enough flexibility which the various Government Institutions / Agencies can leverage to build various Secured Software Applications using BlockChain Technology for different use cases (set of very specific & highly classified requirements)

Govchain framework aims to provide a multi-tier & multi nodal architecture that can embrace any technology, any data model, any network & infrastructure for any given eco system. Essentially and in a real sense a GovChain is a BlockChain driven Technology Platform which ensures data to flow seamlessly and in a secured and protected manner across the entire Eco System among various Applications and Tiers either as a part of a Private BlockChain or a Public BlockChain. Each authorized User to the GovChain will have the privilege to be connected to a De-centralizes Database (shared and accessed by all at the same time) with absolute security & protection.

GovChain would help the Government to enhance the Quality and Speed of Operations and bring down the Functional Cost to quite an extent in a very Transparent Manner. GovChain is fundamentally a Secured & Protected Technology Platform which will ensure the availability of a P2P (People-To-People) Network for availing and sharing the benefits & advantages of Government Projects & various Social cum Public Schemes.

Facilitating the creation of a fully transparent infrastructure and governance by providing a single framework wherein various Legacy Systems along with New Technology Applications like BlockChain enabled Global Application can be deployed under one eco-system…

Govchain Technical Architecture

Facilitating transformed informed infrastructure and governance by providing a single framework where various traditional and blockchain applications can be rolled out under one eco-system…


Consensus Algorithm

Designed by using Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Algorithm; Implementation of Zone Framework eliminates any single point of failure and keeps your application resilient against Sudden crashes or unwarranted influences of bad actors.


The System can handle more than 5,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second) with a clearing latency of 0.5 seconds, and can handle up to 15,000 TPS in custom situations.


Authentication based on digital signature, Public/Private key infrastructure for storage and access. Zero Knowledge Proof protocol and Biometric auth for validation and verification. Zero Knowledge Proof protocol and Biometric auth for validation and verification.


Zone Framework has been designed with a plug and pull features for adding multiple applications and databases. It is built around multi-tier architecture which allows it to access and establish real time connects with various layers and technology driven applications.


The GovChain Framework empowers the Authorized Users to seamlessly access data from any Offline or Online System if they all are in synchronized mode.

Data Authenticity

Client-side data validation makes “man in the middle” attacks — or establishing a link with a compromised node – completely impossible ensuring the usage of a Full Proof System. Data Authentication and validation on Peer-to-Peer network is the Built-in feature of such BlockChain enabled Framework.

Automated Process

‘Easy to code Off-chain / On-chain Smart Contracts’ are available to write department or industry specific processes which calls for 100% automation without any form of manual intervention at any stage to ensure absolute system accuracy and secrecy.

Speed & Performance

Zone Framework provides the fastest and secure system through Smart Contracts, process specific endorser and Committer even at a very micro level. Enhanced Key infrastructure for quicker data access and storage

State Channels

Parties / Users can sign messages in the channel and anchor (highlight) certain transactions to the BlockChain at specific checkpoints / intervals, making the series of interactions including the final transaction full proof & secured ensuring it to be refuted or declined later by any actor / user.

Data Storage

Best of the breed approach for Data Storage, where the data doesn’t get stored on the BlockChain but the Hash ensures the View and provides the link for actual data. Relational model of the various Databases allows multiple parallel BlockChain/s to inter-operate, share and exchange data in an integrated fashion.

Our Blockchain Cases

Better, cheaper and faster solutions through an ecosystem unleashing the power of Blockchain…