The Higher & Technical Education Department attests the educational certificates of the students studying in any of the government recognized institute in Maharashtra. The certificates are attested for the purpose of validating the certificates for attaining higher education in a country outside India. Foreign nationals studying in the state of Maharashtra also can attest the educational certificates for validation of the same in other countries. Educational certificates from 10th class (SSC) onwards are attested by the Department.

SEEMLESS CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE – Clear guidelines on process & ensuring availability of government officials for making candidates journey simple and hassle free.

RELIABLE PLATFORM FOR VERIFICATION – A certificates issued are immutable with verifier credential & timestamp which provides answer for right identity of the documents.

AUTOMATION MAKES PROCESS FASTER – Reducing process completion time with automating workflow.

EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT – Increasing efficiency and regularity of government administrations.

ELIMINATING PRIMARY DEPENDENCY ON PAPER – Eliminating dependency on hardcopy in case if misplaced or damaged .