Identity Access & Management

The key drivers are to minimize the security and privacy risk of managing identity profiles centrally. From a business perspective, it is an opportunity to address the ongoing challenge to establish trust between multiple domains. This has been a major challenge for organizations implementing a federated identity model

The decentralized identity model is enabled by a more inclusive identity trust fabric that can streamline cross-domain business processes integration, regardless of where identities are originated. This property simplifies the flow of data and transactions to enhance business agility and customer experience. However, organizations are cautioned that decentralization is not all-or-nothing. Organizations should consider this phase of identity decentralization as a steppingstone

Secure Enterprise Identity Authentication Built Using the Blockchain

User requests access to a website. Website sends it’s access policy to the portal.

Portal evaluates the website policy using the smart contract and where to get information.Portal requests the required identity attributes. The required information is returned to the portal. User provides consent and portal returns information to the website. finally access to the website is granted.