AI & Machine Learning

Evolutionary AI

Imagine a business that always stays ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires and forecasts faster and more accurately than competitors.

AI Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Interface and interact more effectively by creating truly personalized experience

Product Intelligence

Improve Engineering & design by developing the features customer want

Operations intelligence

Leverage AI and Machine learning to make your daily business processes smarter

Fraud insights and Intelligence

Preempt risks and fraud in real time using cognitive services and human services

AI Capabilites

Image Assessment & Management

Eliminating manual process and plenty of paper work completely by automating the inspection & assessment

Challenges in the market

  • Dependency
  • Delay in go-to-market
  • Forgery and error in numbers
  • The System has been built for field inspections/assessment which can be done either manually by field inspectors or by using drones or other IoT devices to take pictures and process the images for verification, validation and estimating the machines performance/properties/damages.

    The system uses predictive analysis/post analysis of this data based on the inspection details for estimating/predicting the cost involved

    Professional Editing Tool

    Hands on writing tool with grammar & plagiarism check for writers

    The Platform is a subscription based multiple users editor’s tool where users can create, manage, share the documents and write collaboratively with other users in groups or independently.